Cosmetic dentist in Carlisle

Cosmetic Dentist in Carlisle

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When you honestly assess your smile in the mirror, what is your critique? Unless you can say that you’re 100% satisfied, you may be able to benefit from our cosmetic smile makeovers. With the help of dental implants, bonding, veneers, and teeth whitening, within a reasonable amount of time you can expect a set of teeth that is full, flawless, and bright. That’s not just wishful thinking. At the practice of Dr. Vidya Reddy, it’s a reality.

When you come in for a consultation and examination, our cosmetic dentist in Carlisle will answer all your questions, and conduct any necessary testing to determine how qualified you are for all the aspects of our smile makeovers. If you have any spaces that used to house teeth, you’ll be excited about the benefits of dental implants. Traditional bridges and dentures are fine, but only an implant has a root below the gums as well as a tooth above it. They are self sustaining, with no messy adhesives required and no loss of material from your other teeth. Just having a complete smile is enough to boost your self-esteem, but our cosmetic dentist in Carlisle isn’t prepared to stop there when it comes to remaking your smile. Chips, misshapen and crooked teeth, and other aesthetic imperfections can be covered up with either bonding or veneers, or some combination of the two. But more than just covering them up, the appearance is a natural one, as if you had gotten brand new teeth to replace the flawed ones. Strip away the stains and discoloration with whitening, and you have a transformed smile that cannot be denied.

Come in and see our cosmetic dentist in Carlisle. Book an appointment with us right now and find out just how much you can improve the look of your teeth.

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