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Diabetes and your Oral Health in Carlisle

There are many potential threats to your oral health and it’s important to be vigilant in protection of your teeth and gums. One such concern is the effect that diabetes can have. Fortunately, you can depend on our Carlisle dentist, Dr. Vidya Reddy, for the attentive care and the essential advice to maintain a high degree of dental wellness in spite of diabetes.

The first thing that is important to know is that a significant number of people may be diabetic and yet have not been officially diagnosed? If you’re at risk, it’s a very good idea to get a yearly checkup with your primary care physician. The way that diabetes interacts with your oral health is not necessarily by causing new concerns, but by making existing ones worse or hastening their progression. For example, dental plaque is the key element in causing cavities and gum disease. But having diabetes increases the likelihood of you developing gum disease by 400%. That’s an alarming number, and a big reason why our Carlisle dentist wants you to be fully aware of the implications. As a diabetic, and this goes for type 1 and type 2, you should check your blood sugar daily, as directed by your primary care physician or your endocrinologist. Keep on top of proper diet, medication, and exercise in order to promote regulated blood sugar. And while everyone should come in for an oral examination and teeth cleaning two times per year, it’s even more crucial for you to see our Carlisle dentist. Depending on your unique situation, you may be asked to come in more frequently. And do be aware of the signs of gum disease, which include redness and irritation for the early stage, gingivitis; and persistent bad breath, receding gums, and bleeding when you brush for the advanced stage, periodontitis.

Your gums are the foundation for your oral health, and if they suffer, so do your teeth. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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